• Custom Ensuits

    Many homes have an ensuite in the master bedroom, however such bathroom spaces are generally quite small and it takes a professional to design it in a way that is pleasant to use. We can take that annoying ensuite and redesign it so that it looks more spacious and is easier to use.

    We do this by careful use of the right materials as well as by choosing the other elements carefully. 

    You can take a look at our website gallery to get a feel for the kind of work we do. If you want a bathroom or an ensuite renovated we are the people to contact. We take pride in our work and make a point of trying to work with your requirements and time frame. Call us today to discuss your bathroom or ensuite renovation and get a free quote.


  • Tub to Shower conversion

    You are not person who use Bathtub, have you been dreaming of having tub to removed and replace with walk in shower? Maybe you don't need big shower and want to use space for something else or you want huge shower to be able extend your arms in the shower without having to do some serious yoga poses.

  • Freestanding Tub

    Bathroom fixtures have come a long way over the past few decades. Specifically, bathtubs have gone from being a purely functional fixture to having the capacity to be the focal point of a bathroom. In fact, there are so many options – beautiful, stylish, and practical options – out there that it can be hard to choose what bathtub is right for you. Do you love the exposed curves of a freestanding tub? Would you prefer the space-saving design of a built-in?

    Do you want install whirlpool tub, Jet tub, skirted tub, drop in tub we can do that too.

  • Acrylic Panel shower

    As an alternative to tiles Acrylic panels can create a beautiful bathroom or shower enclosure that will last for years. Specifically designed for wet areas, Acrylic shower panels are completely waterproof. Unlike tiles, Acrylic does not require grouting and is very low maintenance once installed. Acrylic can be fitted over existing surfaces, including tiles and can transform your bathroom or shower enclosure instantly.

    We use Mold resistant drywall behind Acrylic panels.

  • Flooring

    Tile or LVT floors in bathroom or hallway, laminate or hardwood in living area WE do all that.

    There are many flooring options each material has it's own pros & cons

     We also install new subfloor if needed and do installation of baseboard and casings to finish off your new floor or old baseboard can be reinstalled.


  • Backsplash

    Need new Kitchen or vanity backsplash? We do that too.

  • Custom Cabinets

    Your cabintets are worn out? Need more Cabinet space? Want to change style of your Bathroom or Kitchen? Pre-build cabinets are ready to be installed If pre-build cabinets don't work for your project we can build one. 


  • Basement renovations

    Do you have undeveloped basement? We can change that. Don't want that damp basement Basement then do it right - we cover all concrete with styrofoam which does two jobs at once it work as vapour barrier and insulation. Then we build walls and more insulation. We can work out so it fits for your budget.

  • Custom metal railing

    If you need the perfect railing to accent your stairs and interior design, We can make it happen for you.

  • Drywall services

    From drywall repair to painting. Textured ceiling-popcorn or knock-down or flat ceiling

  • Restoration

    We can put it back together your damaged property